Focus area score methodology

There is not one best software. The solution your biggest competitor uses will not necessarily be the best for you, why? Your have different ERP systems, head quarters are located at different parts of the world, you have different source data structure, different priorities and strategies just to name some reasons.

We uses our Focus Area Score methodology when we help you find a Cost Transparent software.



We validate a software based on 10 different areas, areas as Security, Modeling, Validation, Performance, Vendor, Support etc. Each area has between 5-15 sub-areas, where examples of sub-areas to Security are “Locking a period”, “Different user roles”, “Load and change tracking” for instance. In total we score a software from more then 120 aspects.

Some sub-areas will seldom change unless the vendor opens an office in a new continent whereas others change when a hot-fix or new release comes. Several of the sub-areas are unique and are scored based on your company, project and model purpose. Each Focus area is weighted and further to this, we select up to 10 sub-areas together with you and they rate higher and are your absolutely most important demands.

Your industry, project and model purpose will exclude some solutions directly and often we end up doing the Focus Area Scoring for about 20 solutions. We rank them based on your company, your selected priority sub-areas and the weight and give you a top 3 match and it is up to you to negotiate with them or we can of course recommend one and do the negotiation with you or for you.



Our FAS include at the moment +60 vendors and solutions, where some are industry specific, some are cloud-based and some are full scalable and can handle unlimited data and can be customized to exactly your case. Having us doing the FAS takes less then 2 weeks and you have the 3 best matches. Your alternative is to have the analysis done internally, write and send a RFP, handle incoming complementing questions and read all incoming answers before you can select 3 to have meetings with. How do you find out which vendors to send the RFP to? Are you aware of the industry specific solutions that might fit your project? We are, this is one of our specialties.