Vendor service

Sales Support

If you are a software vendor we will assist with your sale of your Cost Transparency solution. If you are facing a company where specific discussions can arise, your sales people may not be able to handle them effectively and normally would note the question and promise to return with a reply. It is more professional and trust building when you can answer these questions on the spot and we ensure that this happens. We help you answering all the questions related to the software and how to possible solve specific challenges.



We help you as a software vendor with the delivery of your solution. You might have a shortfall of consultants, or you do not have consultants with experience in the relevant industry. It could also be your first potential customer in a specific country. Regardless of the reason, we can help you with the modeling, where we work as your sub-contractor or we cooperate with you on the sale.


Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept model is made in one to two weeks and is a fantastic way not just to demonstrate and prove the performance of your software but it is also the best way to have a constructive dialog with the customer about the software and their Cost Transparency project. A Proof of Concept model can be constructed either with or without the customer but it is recommended that it is done with them, as this will increase their understanding of the software, and the underlying methodologies and you will develop an understanding of their skill levels so your offer can be more focused. We love to do prototypes, it requires an active knowledge and great skill in teaching and communication. You only succeed if you  have industry knowledge up front as there is no time to learn the industry’ specific challenges during the Proof of Concept period.


Software Development & Validation

New software versions and introducing them to the market is an interesting and nervous process. Does it match expectations and are your new features something the market sees as a “need to have” or “nice to have”. Have you discovered what the market demands and which way the trend is moving. You might have all this under control because you have own consultants and a development department that test the software. But we see far too often, that software releases have bugs and errors because they have not been tested with a model that matches the current markets demands. We see releases that do not satisfy the requirements of all countries because developers are not aware of some of the main differences. We have helped software vendors validate their releases before they are introduced to the market and we have advised them about features to include or exclude. Let us help you, we do NOT share information between software vendors, we are neutral.


Software Training

We have deep hands-on experience with multiple software solutions and can conduct either your standard training to customers or we can do customer/ industry/ country specific training. To succeed with training and ensure the participants do not forget everything within the following 2 weeks, it is important they focus on the software part and not on the data. With standard training, the participant will focus on both software and data, as both are new to him. By using structures and data they are familiar with, the software becomes stronger. We know your software and we look forward to your call.  If by some chance we do not know your software, we would love to learn about it so we can support you in the market.