Software selection

Software Selection

We have deep hands-on experience with several software solutions and deep knowledge of a wide range of solutions. There exist a lot of Cost Transparency solutions and there are big differences between them. Two things are certain when it comes to software solutions: 1) Price does not equate quality and 2) there is not one best software. It require knowledge about software and modeling to succeed and a good model can be poor in the wrong tool and a very good software can appear bad with the wrong designed model.

With our software validation methodology called Focus Area Score, we match solutions to your company, project, requirements and preferences. Based on over 100 different measurement points weighted to your project, we find the 3 best matching solutions out of more then 60 solutions in the market and list all the pro and cons. Then the choice is yours.

With our approach you will save much time, as you do not have to send a RFP to a number of vendors and then deal with them. It is hard to remember all the important factors and it will require deep knowledge of the software market to find the right vendors. There might be a small software company that fits you perfectly and is developed exactly for your business and purpose. Or maybe not. That is where we come in.


Software Development

Depending on your model and it’s purpose, it is by no means certain that you need bespoke software. You might find it better and cheaper in both short and long term to develop a solution exact for you. We can create your model in a free tool and we gladly help you if this is the best solution.