The key to succeed with a Cost Transparency project is to have a clear and well defined scope. What is the exact purpose of the model? Which questions do you expect it to answer? What is the implementation deadline? And how fast should you be able to do a model run each period.  These are just a few of the important topics to discuss up front. Let us help you to ask and answer the hard questions that are often forgotten. Cost Transparency Projects are very different from other projects.



While the scope is the big picture, definition is in the detail. There are several definitions that are important to discuss and agree before you start the project, else these topics will emerge up again and again during the project. If you plan to update your model each month, how will you construct quarter and year figures for instance? Will you do single months or will you do an accumulated year-to-date model and subtract them to have single month figures? How to allocate development and maintenance and how can “sold” and “produced” volumes be matched. Let us help you  with the definitions and ensure you do not end up in never ending discussion during the project.