Some software is complex to install and  only software vendors can do that. Unfortunately some of the installation specialists not have enough insight to the Cost transparency solution so they do not test the installation properly or uses an old test model that do not match the current model design methods. If the software behaves abnormally, they claim your IT environment is wrong. This may or may not be the case, we have seen that too many times in the past so let us assist you to have the dialog with the software vendor during installation and ensure it is implemented correctly.



A Cost Transparency model needs data from many different sources, from your ERP system but also from CRM, Production, Errand Management and similar systems. Depending on model update frequency, you might want to partially or full automate data flow. If you do not have in-house IT staff with programming skills, we can help you with the integration. Integration might seem expensive and unnecessary but not only do you save time and resources in each model update, you also reduce the data risk associated with your staff manually finding data and copying and pasting or entering them manually.


Role Out & Usage

With the Cost Transparency model in operation, you have completed the first stage. The next step is to start to use the model both strategically and operationally. A Cost Transparency model is not just a financial model that can be used by the finance department. It is important to involve all functions and business unit managers in the results and findings. A Cost Transparency model will give you insights you did not have before. We help you to understand and use the model and challenge the organization beliefs. If you are part of a multi-national business and want the model running in other units and offices, we will help you with the roll-out, training and everything else that is required to succeed.