We speak with different people in the organization and examine key systems. Our findings will indicate whether the organization is ready for a Cost Transparency project and if not, we describe which improvements or changes are needed. This is a few days of work that will reduce the project duration by many days during the project. Not only will it reduce the design duration but it will also make the implementation phases easier and ensure ownership in the organization.


Data Quality

We conduct a deeper analyze of key systems, looking at structures and data quality. We look at the key processes and examine which measures you have available. We identify data sources for key data for a Cost Transparency Model. This assessment will make it possible to give an exact project plan and cost estimation. With a data quality assessment done, we will also know which data transformations and data cleaning processes are required. With a data quality assessment, it will be possible to make a Prototype or Proof of Concept model.


Model Inspection

You already have a Cost transparency model and may have had it for years. You collect more and more data over time and become increasingly complex with the data you collect. Behaviors change in the market, both with respect to product demand and customer preferences. There are new solutions in the market and new trends emerging all the time. Is your model up to date and do you get  outputs from the model that match the effort you put into it? Let us analyze your model and improve it, improve the model update process and save you money.