We can run the model for you or be part of the team who run the model. With our help you can use your personnel on the business and where they have core capabilities and we run and create the model output so you can focus on analyzing and communicating the results. If there are model data changes, new cost centers or model changes, you do not have to wait for it to be done by your staff, we are there to ensure it is updated.


Operational Support

You might want to run the model with own resources but need to have a standby or support for each run, mainly in the beginning. We offer both onsite and distance support.



We can exclusively offer to host and run your model. You just submit needed data in fixed data formats and the next day you have the model and reports ready. Based on which hosting solution you select, you either receive reports in excel or pdf format and you can elect to get model outputs in a database or in pivot table. Not only do you save time on the model run, you do also save time on model maintenance and you save a lot of money on licenses, installation, dedicated servers, software updates, training and installation of new users.