Since our beginning in 2006, we have had the pleasure of successfully working with companies in over 20 countries across all industries, private as public. So whether the model discussions is about DRG rates at a hospital, idle capacity in manufacturing, LRIC or network costing in in Telecom, Facultative/ Excess-of-loss contracts in Reinsurance or any other branch specific challenge, we know what you are talking about and will be able to create a Cost Transparency Solution that will help you both strategically and operationally. There are different challenges between industries and Cost Transparent Models are used for different purposes. Have a look at your industry and see how Cost Transparent Solutions have helped others and potentially could help you.

We work with all from Airlines, Airports, Ground Handling Service Operators to Armed Forces and they do have very different reason for implementing models.

We work with energy production (wind, water, solar, nuclear, oil and gas) as well as the maintenance and service companies, where windmill and solar parks are a fast growing market.

Banks, Pension, Insurance and Re-insurance companies are all among our customers, for whom we have made Cost Transparency Models. A hot topic in these businesses is IT Charge back models.

Cost per patient or per DRG can be time consuming to calculate, if you do not have a Cost Transparency Model. Doing it in Excel takes as long time as it take to design and implement a model.

Corporate functions as SSC and IT have growing expenses and it is often a black box. IT, corporate finance and the business need a common language and understanding of cause and effect.

Manufacturing was one of the first industries to adopt Cost Transparency Methodologies for standard costing. Today, we design and implement models for many more reasons.

We have a wide range of experience from prisons, municipalities, nursing home, home care, police and fire forces, schools and universities. Hospitals are found under Healthcare and IT under In-House Services.

We work much with Telecom Operators worldwide with solutions ranging from profitability per segment, product, customer to FAC, LRIC and documentation of expenses towards national regulators.

Transport, Distribution, Postal, Railways and Ports are all examples of Logistic areas where our services are used. We also deal with the logistics functions within manufacturing industries.

ABC, ABM, TDABC, and TBM is applicable in all industries. Apart from the ones listed , we also have experience in News Papers, Road Assistance, Hotels and Rental just to name a few.